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The home of welsh music




Gwrandewch ar Cymru FM

What is Cymru FM?

24/7 live radio feed

Cymru FM is a multimedia platform. Listen to the Cymru FM live radio feed to enjoy Welsh-language music 24/7.

What is Cymru FM?


Llwyfan.Cymru is a series of Welsh-language video lessons. Learn skills in language, music, technology and more, following the advice of our expert tutors.


Who is it for?

The Cymru FM live radio feed can be enjoyed by anyone.


Llwyfan.Cymru is a content platform for children and young people in Wales who enjoy learning new skills through the medium of Welsh. We work with schools and colleges across Wales to further develop these skills.


Want to work with us? Send an email to, or write a message in the box below.

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